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ActiveX控件切換到圖片(ExcelVBA) - ActiveX controls changing to pictures (ExcelVBA) -开发者知识库,第1张

My company creates workbooks for clients that contain ActiveX controls (in most cases we need the extra functionality as compared to Form Controls). When we create them, they work fine on our end, but when we zip them up and send them to our clients, they open the WB and the ActiveX controls are no longer ActiveX controls, if you right click it, it behaves like a picture.


I feel like this is due to the MS ActiveX debacle. I have had them run the Fix It and making sure all the MS Office components were closed, and had them reboot, but still nothing.

我覺得這是由於MS ActiveX的失敗。我已經讓他們進行了修復,並確保所有的MS Office組件都已關閉,並讓他們重新啟動,但仍然一無所獲。

I am pulling out my hair, and have asked on other forums if anyone else has had this issue, and what they have done to fix it. Thanks in advance.


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Could you please check in client system whether macros and active x controls are enabled in Trust center setting?

能否請您在客戶端系統中確認信任中心設置中是否啟用宏和活動x控件? us/article/enable -或-禁用宏- -辦公室-文件- 7 b4fdd2e - 174 f - 47 - e2 - 9611 - 9 - efe4f860b12?correlationid=fe6a4d24 f4d9 - 4 - c6b afa0 - 40 - d2828ad22e&ui=en us&rs=en us&ad=us

use above link if needed.